Saturday, April 8, 2017


Hey guys I just wanted to make a quick post today and ease you into cooking!  Some of you don't have any experience in cooking and that's okay.  We all had to start somewhere.  As most people, I recommend you start with simple recipes.  Don't worry they these recipes can be super tasty and yummy!

If you're a fan of Korean BBQ, then you're going to love this recipe!

I don't have an official name for this recipe so let's call it...

1 small packet of meat (best if it's in small chunks)
1 cup soy sauce
3 table spoon white sugar ( or if you feel super fancy, two packed down table spoons of brown sugar)
2 table spoons garlic
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 teaspoon black pepper
(optional) some sesame seeds about 1 teaspoon ( I leave it out since I'm lazy)
1 onion, sliced into strips
(optional) Korean chili paste/ chili paste if you can't find any (it's to how spicy you like it, start by using 1 table spoon.  You can leave it out if you don't like spicy)

You literally put everything into a large mixing bowl, cover it, put it in the fridge for at least an hour or overnight.

Cook in a pan or a wok until onions soften and meat is cooked through.
You can check if the meat has cooked through by taking one piece of meat and putting it on a clean plate and cutting it open with a knife.

Friday, March 31, 2017


So you stare at a screen for most of the day and then you stare at a screen some more.  At some point, you eyes get strained you even start waking up with stinging dry eyes.  Well my friend, just got the case of the death...and you're dying.
I'M KIDDING.  You probably googled it and Web MD told you had some sort of gland disorder or something.  Unless you have background in medical knowledge, I wouldn't.  You just end up thinking you're dying or something.
If you game frequently or you are a programmer or you work in IT.  My friend, you probably have dry eyes.  It sounds too simple.  Dry eyes seem so easy to fix.  But is it really?  You've messed up the delicate balance of your body by staring at a light for 8 hours.  During this time you blink less, therefore more of your tears evaporate and your eyes can't distribute lubrication across your eyes, irritating your eyes more.
"How do I fix this?"  Well it's not really that simple.  I struggle with dry eyes and ever since I've been on the computer more, it's gotten 100000x worse.  I think the worst my dry eyes have ever been were one day I woke up and my eye lids would not open.  They were sealed shut because there was physically not enough lubricant in my eyes for them to open.  I had to bump around in my room to find my eyes drops in which I drowned my eyes in it and eventually they opened.  It was so painful and from that day on I told myself I'd do whatever it takes to keep it from doing that.
Needless to say, I don't wear contacts anymore.  Something that you really need to make sure you do is drink enough water and get enough omega 3 in your diet.  Being dehydrated, means your eyes are also dehydrated.  We need tears to keep that area nice and comfortable.  If you didn't know this, we also have oils in our eyes.  That's to keep everything lubricated so you don't end up like me with your eye lids shut closed.
So if you need to talk to your doctor, do so before taking supplements as with all other health related changes you are unfamiliar with.  The best way is to just incorporate fish into your diet.  Like salmon is so yummy, but if you're not a fan of fish, taking fish oil might be the next best step.  Be careful, fish oil is an oil based vitamin and is all absorbed into the body.  It is possible to OD on fish oil, so follow directions (after asking your doctor).
Something I've been trying out recently is this whole caster oil thing.  I've been reading that putting a drop of castor oil in the each eye before going to bed every night helps with oil production and helps keep your eyes coated through out the next day.  I sounds weird and to be frank it still weirds me out putting an oil in my eye.
You'll need pure, cold pressed castor oil that is hexane free.  You can get it on amazon if you just type that in.  Remember you will need to find one that fits all of the criteria.  It's recommended that you can also get castor oil from the pharmacy because it's sterile and honestly that is the safer option because castor oil from the health food store, can still contain strains of bacteria.  However for me, I refrigerate my castor oil and use when needed and I have not been hit with an eye infection.  I don't want to scare you but I also want to be as open as possible.  This last piece of advice is definitely on the holistic side and is not as accepted as the other tips above.
I notice that when I put castor oil in my eyes at night, the next day, my eyes are so much more comfortable.  But it's a 3 part process and the full effect of the castor oil and the fish oils won't come into effect until at least a week in.
I'm a little nervous making a post like this, because this is the first time that I went into supplements and not just food an exercise.  I urge you to ask your doctor about products you are interested in and to not take my advice in place of a medical professional!  I just wanted to share my experience and hope to give you some inspiration and maybe shine a new light so you can have more options to cure your dry and tired eyes!
Love you guys so much!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Due to popular demand!  I'm going to be listing off some of my favourite snacks to eat while I game.  Today's post is going to be strictly focusing on snacks that can be eaten very easily.
First thing's first, you want to make sure that at any given time always drink some water first.  Make sure you're actually hungry first.  Part of getting started on a healthier and happier gaming lifestyle is learning how to understand your body first.
So now that you've taken some time to drink water, your first choice of food should be protein!  Remember, you need to consume 10% - 35% of your daily foods!  Here are some good snacks that are easy and taste good!
  • Think Thin High Protein Bar in Creamy Peanut Butter - I eat this on stream all the time and is one of my favourite snacks.  It's soft and easy to chew so I can eat if quickly so I can go back to chatting and playing games.  Plus it doesn't have any sugars so it really helps out with cutting down on sugar.
  • Small portion of cheese and fruits is a really yummy finger food that is not messy at all.  Plus the combos are endless if you are cheese lover like me.  My favourite still is a soft white cheese with strawberries while the weather is more mild and when it's super hot, I like to eat watermelon with feta.
  • Edamame ( men should watch how much soy you ingest, so every now and then should be no problem!)
  •  Roasted chick peas are great for people who like crunchy things and are a great replacement for chips.  I recommend making it yourself; it's super easy.
  • Banana sliced into coins with a dollop of creamy peanut butter and two dark chocolate chips on each coin.  Tastes so good!
  • Trail Mix BUT MAKE YOUR OWN - Most likely the trail mix you buy costs you more and is actually worse quality than if you just mixed everything yourself.  Plus they dump a butt-load of salt in and that just does not make you feel good in the long run. A good mix to try is; Dark chocolate, unsweetened cranberries, unsalted almonds, peanuts
  • Plain whole greek yogurt, mix in honey to taste, top with some crushed graham crackers and sliced strawberries if you have a sweet tooth!
I hope you enjoyed my list of recommendations and I hope you'll try them.  Tweet at me pictures of the snacks you end up getting!  I want to know what you liked and what didn't work for you!  If you have any more suggestions, leave them in the comment section so I can try as well!

Friday, March 24, 2017


So here's a heavier topic, but it needs to be addressed and the messages needs to be put out there.  People are complicated creatures and it gets even more complicated when we grow up with others, because their presence helps shape us as we grow.   I think something that's very important to always remember is that to keep the human factor in the harasser and "harassee" (I don't like calling them victims because if you fall into a victim mentality, it's so hard to climb yourself back out).
It's so easy to dehumanize somebody, because then they are this 2 dimensional jerk-face that only exists in your brain like a shitty ghost that haunts you online.  It's also easy to dehumanize the people you poke fun at and put people down.  Because they're also faceless and they might seem this bland and soft, mushy person that seems to be hurt by getting prodded with a padded Q-tip.
It's just so easy to dehumanize everyone around you and I think that's one of the reasons why there's so much online harassment, but not only that, but also the repercussions after that.  Why?  Let me explain!
Let's say Potato starts harassing Tofu.  We don't know what kind of upbringing that Potato has had and unfortunately with us being so connected, we get to see first hand how f'd up our world can be.  Some people aren't fortunate enough to grow up in a loving home.  So then never learned to accept people and bring them in.  All they know how to do is to lash out and focus on the hurt they feel and it makes them dysfunctional.   They're blind to the people around them and it makes them the same as the people they're hurting.
Tofu is hurt deeply because their life is already filled with people hurting them emotionally and/or emotionally.  Their response is to withdraw instead of lashing out.  Tofu just gets hurt more and their only escape from their shitty life is filled with more bullying.  The only way they can cope is if they paint the bully into a 2-dimensional monster.
In the end both people push themselves away from each other and there is no solution out of that conflict.  You can't heal if you withdraw away.  People say that time heals wounds, but clearly they've never been deeply hurt before, because if you don't do anything with those wounds, they just fester.  They turn into the big bad in your head that ends up consuming you.
Okay now we got that cleared up, lets talk about effective ways to deal with online harassment.  As a streamer, I've had all kinds of harassment.  I get called names, people accuse me of things, people laugh at me for doing what I do and the occasional stalkers.  It's messed up when my other broadcaster friends tell me you haven't made it till you got a couple of stalkers.  I felt for them, but also I want to make a stand.  So here is me writing to you in hopes that you can make the stand with me.
The absolute most important thing to do is have a change in your mind-set.  It's important to realize the significance in the weight in words.  Just like everything else, words has weight to them.  Let me demonstrate.  Let's say a stranger came up to you and told you that they prefer someone with blue eyes.  You initially think "who gives a damn" because this stranger has no significance in your life.  You have no idea who they are.  They are not a part of your life and therefore their words don't have any weight to them.  Now let's compare that to your bf/gf who said the same thing.  If you didn't have blue eyes, that would hurt, because they are a part of your life and you've given them a part of your heart.  The words they have hold a huge weight on you.
Now what we can take from that example other than the fact that if your gf/bf said that to you, you need to reconsider, is the clear difference in how you feel when two different people said the exact same thing to you.  Now apply that to a stranger that just put you down.  Same thing.  Who are they in your life.  Some stranger that never made an impressionable moment in your life and they don't know you at all.  So in reality the weight of their words is kind of like hot air and you should just let it float away.
I know this seems easier said than done and I'm not going to sugar coat this for you, because you're probably sick of feeling helpless.  You work on yourself your entire life and that's part of what makes life so enjoyable.  Each day is a new day to figure out your brain and how it fits in the world.  It takes time to and small steps to get yourself going, but when you do, you'll start to think differently and that is so rewarding.
Don't forget the importance of a good support system.  If you extend your hand in friendship and kindness, you will get returns of the same gesture and these people will give you a hand when you fall.  If you try to be the person that you wish you were, not only will you attract the same kinds of people, but being in a positive environment will help you towards  being the new you.

Monday, March 20, 2017


People keep telling us that it's a bad habit gaming because all we do is sit in front of our computers.  Well too much of anything is bad.  Getting too much sun is bad, eating too much fish is bad, drinking too much water is bad.
I do have to admit that we do need exercise in our day to day life.  It keeps our muscles doing the things it needs to do.  For instance we need our back to not crap out while we do a 12 hour grind on that game we just can't put down.  Also if you're a multi-player gamer, then you'll want to have a better reaction time and better accuracy.  Exercise helps keeps your energy up in the long run, so you won't get as mentally tired so easily!
But I wanted to address something for us gamers.  It's okay to choose this lifestyle.  There are so many different ways to live our lives and if you chose gaming then that's perfectly okay.  I can't even call it a vice as long as you understand you're specific balance you need in your life.
Some of us want to do more at the gym and perhaps start running.  Exercise is awesome and if you want to do more I can talk about that later!  But now let's talk about something more introductory.  So this post is for those of you who never work out and you don't know where to start, or maybe you're looking for the bare minimum to keep you gaming longer.  Which ever it is, here is something simple and easy.
It's called the 7 minute workout and it's an easy HIIT program that you can do where ever you are.  What is HIIT?  It's short for high intensity interval training.  So you do small bursts of super intense exercise to crank up your heart rate, then followed by a tiny rest period.  Rinse and repeat.  How it works is simple.  By exerting so much energy during the workout segment, your body becomes short on oxygen, making your body ask for more oxygen during recovery.  So technically it's doing work when it's resting too.
How do I get myself started?  There are tons of apps and browser based timers called the "7 minute workout".  The names can vary, but they're all the same.  It's a timer that rotates between 30 seconds and 10 seconds.  During the 30 seconds, you work out as hard as you can, then rest for 10 seconds.  Repeat until you've reached 7 minutes.
The 7 minute workout <- here is a plain ol' site that does the job.  They even tell you which workout to do so you don't have to think of it.  After a while I recommend you to change it to suit your need though.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Hey so a lot of us spend a huge chunk of time gaming and sometimes that means we don't eat for a huge period of time.  If we do, it's usually crappy food that tastes good in the mean time but doesn't make us feel good in the long run.
Let me give you the tldr reason why you should start feeding your body healthy stuff while you game.  You have less of a change to gain crazy amounts of weight.  Your reaction time stays sharp and has room to even improve.  It can prevent you from going through crazy mood swings!  Most junk food are simple carbs and simple sugars.  In the end means the same thing for your body.
Your body craves simple sugars, it's the fuel it needs do stuff!  Here's why you shouldn't eat so much junk food while you game.
  1. Your focus on the game actually prevents you from realizing you're full already.
  2. Your focus on the game may keep you from drinking water, which in turns makes you think you're hungry.
  3. The average 2000 calories you need ( disclaimer: the calories you need differs from other people so find out how much you need to eat a day ) needs to have quite a bit of protein in it so your muscles can do the thing.
  4. The simple sugars you're eating will give you that high energy and then let you fall like a potato.
Sorry I had to.  The chance presented itself and now you can't unsee it!!
Okay so those are the main reasons that seem like unhealthy snacks are no good for your gaming experience.  You want to do well, you want to have fun!  You didn't sign up for an emotional roller coaster ride that ends when you rage at something stupid that happened in your game.
So your brain is kind of a one track mind so to speak.  It can only focus on one thing at a time.  So if your brain is hardcore focusing on your super intense game, it's reaction time to tell you it's had enough food is even slower!
Something that goes hand in hand with eating too much is also not drinking enough water.  A lot of people don't drink enough water.  how much water should you drink?  Actually people argue about that a lot.  My recommendation is that you listen to you body. Your pee should be a light gold color or next to clear depending on how much water you drink.  ( another disclaimer: drinking too much water means you will dilute your electrolytes so also be careful, some people hear these recommendations and go ham.)
The calories this is going to be a bit controversial because people who calorie count often times do it wrong and end up starving themselves.  The downside of starving yourself?   Slowing down your metabolism and also bouncing back to an undesirable weight when you stop calorie counting.  A lot of people argue that you shouldn't calorie count and for the most part I agree.  My argument though is that calories are kind of like a unit of measurement of your food so you can start to learn how much food you actually need.  This is great for beginners that don't know how much food they need to eat a day.
Let me explain this further!  So let's say you need to eat 2000 calories a day and it's recommended that you need to consume 10% to 35% protein a day.  So if you know that, then you know that of the 2000 calories, 200 -  700 calories should be protein.  Then you need about 45% - 65% of carbs which is 900 - 1300 calories a day.  Depending on how much you eat, you can then understand how many calories you've eaten and what you want to fill in the spots if you haven't filled up to the 2000 calories.  So it gives you a great visual to "see" how much you need to eat a day.  Then you can start building your meals knowing how much you need to eat.
Lastly I want to touch base on eating simple sugars, which includes candy, baked goods, chips, etc.  They taste amazing and I love them too.  Treating yourself to a handful every now and then is alright and if you understand your calorie system, it'll be harder for you to overeat without you knowing.  However, it doesn't change that putting simple sugars into your body make your body freak out, some people more than others.  So your body thrives on sugar because it's the thing it runs on.  So if your body doesn't have to break anything down to convert it into it's fuel source, it's going to want it.  But giving your body so much fuel all at once is going to send it in overdrive, which is why you get hyper and suddenly your reaction time is great and everything is amazing.  The downside is that there is literally a down.  Once your body has used up all this influx, it basically throws a temper tantrum and now you're exhausted, your reaction time turns into a potato and everything irritates you.
It's kind of like going through a mini withdrawal, because it is.  Over the many years of evolution, this was a survival tactic to get us to source out the most efficient fuel for out body.  Well now that we have all of our foods readily available, it's backfiring.  So be careful of introducing so much sugar into your diet.  For some people it literally acts like an addicting drug and honestly it takes away from so many awesome experiences.
So I hope I didn't overload you with information and I kept this informal so it doesn't sound like I'm just talking at you.  I will be going more into detail on the importance of water, list some snacks that are good for you and taste good, and more ways to chase after a better gaming life!

Monday, March 13, 2017


Hey guys, it's been a hot minute since I've put anything on here.
I think I was a bit too ambitious and I didn't take into account that this past year has shaken me down to the core and it has been very tough for me to recover.  To put it in a visual way, every time I got the wind knocked out of me, it would take me a fair time to get back up this time.  See the previous year, some of you may not know, my home burned down to the ground, to a crisp and that gave me the very unique experience of starting from scratch as an adult.
It definitely taught me a lot of things about life and about myself.  I think I was in a work frenzy, thinking that if I just did a bit more work, pushed myself a bit harder, I would be back to where I was and chugging along in my own world again going at my pace.  Last year I wore myself so thin that when something happened, it was so much harder for me to cope with it.
These past two years, depression has come back from the depth and dragged me down again.  Lucky for me I've made my peace with my brain and I've learned to handle this.  At least the process of getting myself out of that dark pit.  It didn't make it any easier.  What did make it easier was seeing the light that my loving community gave me and it was warm and it kept me floating.
Anyhoo I digress. Each time something major happened that left me feeling helpless and homeless, my worries of basic human needs over shadowed my passion for this written oasis I envisioned.  I think recently, I've had time to go back to a regular routine at least for a little while and each time I stream, the chat sessions always inspire me to talk about things that I'm passionate about.  I'm passionate about love, sense of community, kindness, laughter, and healing.
Which is why I'm back.  I'm back to write all these things I talked about and wanted to continue to talk about.  I want to be able to share all the wonderful things I've learned through my travels in life.  I want to be able to connect, teach and grow with you all.
If you enjoyed my work and would like to support my project, then head over to my my patreon.
I've just revamped my entire patreon in hopes that I can bring the community closer together more than ever.  New perks and way more content.