Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Due to popular demand!  I'm going to be listing off some of my favourite snacks to eat while I game.  Today's post is going to be strictly focusing on snacks that can be eaten very easily.
First thing's first, you want to make sure that at any given time always drink some water first.  Make sure you're actually hungry first.  Part of getting started on a healthier and happier gaming lifestyle is learning how to understand your body first.
So now that you've taken some time to drink water, your first choice of food should be protein!  Remember, you need to consume 10% - 35% of your daily foods!  Here are some good snacks that are easy and taste good!
  • Think Thin High Protein Bar in Creamy Peanut Butter - I eat this on stream all the time and is one of my favourite snacks.  It's soft and easy to chew so I can eat if quickly so I can go back to chatting and playing games.  Plus it doesn't have any sugars so it really helps out with cutting down on sugar.
  • Small portion of cheese and fruits is a really yummy finger food that is not messy at all.  Plus the combos are endless if you are cheese lover like me.  My favourite still is a soft white cheese with strawberries while the weather is more mild and when it's super hot, I like to eat watermelon with feta.
  • Edamame ( men should watch how much soy you ingest, so every now and then should be no problem!)
  •  Roasted chick peas are great for people who like crunchy things and are a great replacement for chips.  I recommend making it yourself; it's super easy.
  • Banana sliced into coins with a dollop of creamy peanut butter and two dark chocolate chips on each coin.  Tastes so good!
  • Trail Mix BUT MAKE YOUR OWN - Most likely the trail mix you buy costs you more and is actually worse quality than if you just mixed everything yourself.  Plus they dump a butt-load of salt in and that just does not make you feel good in the long run. A good mix to try is; Dark chocolate, unsweetened cranberries, unsalted almonds, peanuts
  • Plain whole greek yogurt, mix in honey to taste, top with some crushed graham crackers and sliced strawberries if you have a sweet tooth!
I hope you enjoyed my list of recommendations and I hope you'll try them.  Tweet at me pictures of the snacks you end up getting!  I want to know what you liked and what didn't work for you!  If you have any more suggestions, leave them in the comment section so I can try as well!

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