Monday, March 13, 2017


Hey guys, it's been a hot minute since I've put anything on here.
I think I was a bit too ambitious and I didn't take into account that this past year has shaken me down to the core and it has been very tough for me to recover.  To put it in a visual way, every time I got the wind knocked out of me, it would take me a fair time to get back up this time.  See the previous year, some of you may not know, my home burned down to the ground, to a crisp and that gave me the very unique experience of starting from scratch as an adult.
It definitely taught me a lot of things about life and about myself.  I think I was in a work frenzy, thinking that if I just did a bit more work, pushed myself a bit harder, I would be back to where I was and chugging along in my own world again going at my pace.  Last year I wore myself so thin that when something happened, it was so much harder for me to cope with it.
These past two years, depression has come back from the depth and dragged me down again.  Lucky for me I've made my peace with my brain and I've learned to handle this.  At least the process of getting myself out of that dark pit.  It didn't make it any easier.  What did make it easier was seeing the light that my loving community gave me and it was warm and it kept me floating.
Anyhoo I digress. Each time something major happened that left me feeling helpless and homeless, my worries of basic human needs over shadowed my passion for this written oasis I envisioned.  I think recently, I've had time to go back to a regular routine at least for a little while and each time I stream, the chat sessions always inspire me to talk about things that I'm passionate about.  I'm passionate about love, sense of community, kindness, laughter, and healing.
Which is why I'm back.  I'm back to write all these things I talked about and wanted to continue to talk about.  I want to be able to share all the wonderful things I've learned through my travels in life.  I want to be able to connect, teach and grow with you all.
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  1. I have posted a comment on your website Lin how do you feel lmao - Tristan (supertrooperhah)

    1. You are the first person to comment on my page. Thank you so much!

  2. You are an inspiration to me and I hope that I have it in me to do what you have done and get back to where I was before the chain of events that have torn me down. Thank you.

    Cliff - Hopperreborn