Friday, March 31, 2017


So you stare at a screen for most of the day and then you stare at a screen some more.  At some point, you eyes get strained you even start waking up with stinging dry eyes.  Well my friend, just got the case of the death...and you're dying.
I'M KIDDING.  You probably googled it and Web MD told you had some sort of gland disorder or something.  Unless you have background in medical knowledge, I wouldn't.  You just end up thinking you're dying or something.
If you game frequently or you are a programmer or you work in IT.  My friend, you probably have dry eyes.  It sounds too simple.  Dry eyes seem so easy to fix.  But is it really?  You've messed up the delicate balance of your body by staring at a light for 8 hours.  During this time you blink less, therefore more of your tears evaporate and your eyes can't distribute lubrication across your eyes, irritating your eyes more.
"How do I fix this?"  Well it's not really that simple.  I struggle with dry eyes and ever since I've been on the computer more, it's gotten 100000x worse.  I think the worst my dry eyes have ever been were one day I woke up and my eye lids would not open.  They were sealed shut because there was physically not enough lubricant in my eyes for them to open.  I had to bump around in my room to find my eyes drops in which I drowned my eyes in it and eventually they opened.  It was so painful and from that day on I told myself I'd do whatever it takes to keep it from doing that.
Needless to say, I don't wear contacts anymore.  Something that you really need to make sure you do is drink enough water and get enough omega 3 in your diet.  Being dehydrated, means your eyes are also dehydrated.  We need tears to keep that area nice and comfortable.  If you didn't know this, we also have oils in our eyes.  That's to keep everything lubricated so you don't end up like me with your eye lids shut closed.
So if you need to talk to your doctor, do so before taking supplements as with all other health related changes you are unfamiliar with.  The best way is to just incorporate fish into your diet.  Like salmon is so yummy, but if you're not a fan of fish, taking fish oil might be the next best step.  Be careful, fish oil is an oil based vitamin and is all absorbed into the body.  It is possible to OD on fish oil, so follow directions (after asking your doctor).
Something I've been trying out recently is this whole caster oil thing.  I've been reading that putting a drop of castor oil in the each eye before going to bed every night helps with oil production and helps keep your eyes coated through out the next day.  I sounds weird and to be frank it still weirds me out putting an oil in my eye.
You'll need pure, cold pressed castor oil that is hexane free.  You can get it on amazon if you just type that in.  Remember you will need to find one that fits all of the criteria.  It's recommended that you can also get castor oil from the pharmacy because it's sterile and honestly that is the safer option because castor oil from the health food store, can still contain strains of bacteria.  However for me, I refrigerate my castor oil and use when needed and I have not been hit with an eye infection.  I don't want to scare you but I also want to be as open as possible.  This last piece of advice is definitely on the holistic side and is not as accepted as the other tips above.
I notice that when I put castor oil in my eyes at night, the next day, my eyes are so much more comfortable.  But it's a 3 part process and the full effect of the castor oil and the fish oils won't come into effect until at least a week in.
I'm a little nervous making a post like this, because this is the first time that I went into supplements and not just food an exercise.  I urge you to ask your doctor about products you are interested in and to not take my advice in place of a medical professional!  I just wanted to share my experience and hope to give you some inspiration and maybe shine a new light so you can have more options to cure your dry and tired eyes!
Love you guys so much!
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