Thursday, March 16, 2017


Hey so a lot of us spend a huge chunk of time gaming and sometimes that means we don't eat for a huge period of time.  If we do, it's usually crappy food that tastes good in the mean time but doesn't make us feel good in the long run.
Let me give you the tldr reason why you should start feeding your body healthy stuff while you game.  You have less of a change to gain crazy amounts of weight.  Your reaction time stays sharp and has room to even improve.  It can prevent you from going through crazy mood swings!  Most junk food are simple carbs and simple sugars.  In the end means the same thing for your body.
Your body craves simple sugars, it's the fuel it needs do stuff!  Here's why you shouldn't eat so much junk food while you game.
  1. Your focus on the game actually prevents you from realizing you're full already.
  2. Your focus on the game may keep you from drinking water, which in turns makes you think you're hungry.
  3. The average 2000 calories you need ( disclaimer: the calories you need differs from other people so find out how much you need to eat a day ) needs to have quite a bit of protein in it so your muscles can do the thing.
  4. The simple sugars you're eating will give you that high energy and then let you fall like a potato.
Sorry I had to.  The chance presented itself and now you can't unsee it!!
Okay so those are the main reasons that seem like unhealthy snacks are no good for your gaming experience.  You want to do well, you want to have fun!  You didn't sign up for an emotional roller coaster ride that ends when you rage at something stupid that happened in your game.
So your brain is kind of a one track mind so to speak.  It can only focus on one thing at a time.  So if your brain is hardcore focusing on your super intense game, it's reaction time to tell you it's had enough food is even slower!
Something that goes hand in hand with eating too much is also not drinking enough water.  A lot of people don't drink enough water.  how much water should you drink?  Actually people argue about that a lot.  My recommendation is that you listen to you body. Your pee should be a light gold color or next to clear depending on how much water you drink.  ( another disclaimer: drinking too much water means you will dilute your electrolytes so also be careful, some people hear these recommendations and go ham.)
The calories this is going to be a bit controversial because people who calorie count often times do it wrong and end up starving themselves.  The downside of starving yourself?   Slowing down your metabolism and also bouncing back to an undesirable weight when you stop calorie counting.  A lot of people argue that you shouldn't calorie count and for the most part I agree.  My argument though is that calories are kind of like a unit of measurement of your food so you can start to learn how much food you actually need.  This is great for beginners that don't know how much food they need to eat a day.
Let me explain this further!  So let's say you need to eat 2000 calories a day and it's recommended that you need to consume 10% to 35% protein a day.  So if you know that, then you know that of the 2000 calories, 200 -  700 calories should be protein.  Then you need about 45% - 65% of carbs which is 900 - 1300 calories a day.  Depending on how much you eat, you can then understand how many calories you've eaten and what you want to fill in the spots if you haven't filled up to the 2000 calories.  So it gives you a great visual to "see" how much you need to eat a day.  Then you can start building your meals knowing how much you need to eat.
Lastly I want to touch base on eating simple sugars, which includes candy, baked goods, chips, etc.  They taste amazing and I love them too.  Treating yourself to a handful every now and then is alright and if you understand your calorie system, it'll be harder for you to overeat without you knowing.  However, it doesn't change that putting simple sugars into your body make your body freak out, some people more than others.  So your body thrives on sugar because it's the thing it runs on.  So if your body doesn't have to break anything down to convert it into it's fuel source, it's going to want it.  But giving your body so much fuel all at once is going to send it in overdrive, which is why you get hyper and suddenly your reaction time is great and everything is amazing.  The downside is that there is literally a down.  Once your body has used up all this influx, it basically throws a temper tantrum and now you're exhausted, your reaction time turns into a potato and everything irritates you.
It's kind of like going through a mini withdrawal, because it is.  Over the many years of evolution, this was a survival tactic to get us to source out the most efficient fuel for out body.  Well now that we have all of our foods readily available, it's backfiring.  So be careful of introducing so much sugar into your diet.  For some people it literally acts like an addicting drug and honestly it takes away from so many awesome experiences.
So I hope I didn't overload you with information and I kept this informal so it doesn't sound like I'm just talking at you.  I will be going more into detail on the importance of water, list some snacks that are good for you and taste good, and more ways to chase after a better gaming life!

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