Monday, March 20, 2017


People keep telling us that it's a bad habit gaming because all we do is sit in front of our computers.  Well too much of anything is bad.  Getting too much sun is bad, eating too much fish is bad, drinking too much water is bad.
I do have to admit that we do need exercise in our day to day life.  It keeps our muscles doing the things it needs to do.  For instance we need our back to not crap out while we do a 12 hour grind on that game we just can't put down.  Also if you're a multi-player gamer, then you'll want to have a better reaction time and better accuracy.  Exercise helps keeps your energy up in the long run, so you won't get as mentally tired so easily!
But I wanted to address something for us gamers.  It's okay to choose this lifestyle.  There are so many different ways to live our lives and if you chose gaming then that's perfectly okay.  I can't even call it a vice as long as you understand you're specific balance you need in your life.
Some of us want to do more at the gym and perhaps start running.  Exercise is awesome and if you want to do more I can talk about that later!  But now let's talk about something more introductory.  So this post is for those of you who never work out and you don't know where to start, or maybe you're looking for the bare minimum to keep you gaming longer.  Which ever it is, here is something simple and easy.
It's called the 7 minute workout and it's an easy HIIT program that you can do where ever you are.  What is HIIT?  It's short for high intensity interval training.  So you do small bursts of super intense exercise to crank up your heart rate, then followed by a tiny rest period.  Rinse and repeat.  How it works is simple.  By exerting so much energy during the workout segment, your body becomes short on oxygen, making your body ask for more oxygen during recovery.  So technically it's doing work when it's resting too.
How do I get myself started?  There are tons of apps and browser based timers called the "7 minute workout".  The names can vary, but they're all the same.  It's a timer that rotates between 30 seconds and 10 seconds.  During the 30 seconds, you work out as hard as you can, then rest for 10 seconds.  Repeat until you've reached 7 minutes.
The 7 minute workout <- here is a plain ol' site that does the job.  They even tell you which workout to do so you don't have to think of it.  After a while I recommend you to change it to suit your need though.

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